About Wine Jeanie

Hello, Jeanette (Jeanie) here – thanks for visiting my website and, most of all, taking the time to read the ‘about’ section. As you read on, I hope you learn a bit about who I am and why I’m so passionate about Wine Jeanie and what I do!

I have worked in the wine industry (mostly Barossa but also Adelaide Hills & beyond) for about 20 years now. I have experienced everything from picking grapes (don’t recommend it), to pump-overs, to sales & marketing and export. To me, wine is an essential ingredient in the recipe of life and I started this business because: I love wine | l love design | I live in South Australia (the nation’s largest wine-producing state) and am therefore surrounded by (and have access to!) amazing wine at affordable prices | I love the novelty and point of difference of your own label on your own wine.

If you know anything about the grape-to-glass process, you’ll know that technically ALL wines spend some of their bottled-lives without a label. The label-application process is the very last process before the bottle of wine is presented to the consumer. The label tells the story. And I work with both large and small producers, commercial and boutique, and often with the winemakers directly – to source the best wines that are waiting for their label (story) to be told. I am very strict on the quality of wine I offer for personal branding – the wine I sell is not only a reflection of Wine Jeanie, but a representation of the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and beyond, plus its growers and winemakers, and I’m very careful to preserve that reputation.

Wine Jeanie has been in operation since 2009, and since moving from the Barossa to a property in the Adelaide Hills 7 years ago, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to operate my business out of a home studio in the heart of Birdwood. My proximity to the Barossa and Adelaide Hills, access to bottling my own wine and ability to design the labels in-house, means I’m able to keep costs down and these factors certainly contribute to the overall success and seamless operation of this small business. Attention-to-detail, fast turnaround, meeting specific requests and exceeding expectations are at the core of Wine Jeanie’s values.

My aim is to create a wine that tells your story + I look forward to helping you and your vision come to life on a fabulous bottle of wine sometime soon!

Bye for now,
Jeanette | Jeanie | Wine Jeanie